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In just 15 minutes (or less), you can use the 4 Bird Assessment to:

As a matter of fact, I want to give you a brief training video about each bird:


  •  Learn EXACTLY HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM without assuming or guessing;

  •  RECOGNIZE THE BIRDS on your team;

  •  Master HOW YOUR BIRDS BEHAVIOR AFFECTS YOUR TEAM when you're stressed or frustrated;

  •  Anticipate HOW YOUR TEAMMATES RESPOND to critical items;

  •  Stop apologizing for YOUR NATURAL STRENGTHS;

  •  Get your team on the same page WITH ALL THE DIFFERENT BIRDS!


Still don't believe me? There are no gimmicks with this assessment. No tricky formulas. No 4-letter acronyms to describe your personality. No 1-page reports that you're gonna throw in the trash.

The Eagle

Here's a brief intro into the first bird in the sky. You may know him. Is he you? Don't assume.

The Parrot

Yes, they're loud and usually the center of attention! Listen in as I explain them briefly. Don't assume! Get this assessment... or scroll down to learn about the Dove!

The Dove

Here's a brief intro into the most mysterious bird in the sky. You may know him. Is he you? Don't assume.

The Owl

REPEAT AFTER ME, "SLLLOOOWWW! BUT ACCURATE!" These birds can wreak havoc on a fast-moving team, unless you know how to leverage them. Learn how in the assessment.

Who's this for?


School district leaders use the FLIGHT EXPERIENCE workshop & assessment to put the right people in the right seats doing the right things.


Schools use the FLIGHT EXPERIENCE AND ASSESSMENT to understand their frustrating team members and change communication for maximum results.


Individuals use the FLIGHT EXPERIENCE ASSESSMENT to grow and develop themselves and become the total of who they truly can be. Order the assessment below.

Get the Assessment Now:


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